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Kenda Lenseigne Endorses Buffalo Blanks

World and National Champion mounted shooter Kenda Lenseigne has signed on to endorse Buffalo Blanks. The multi-championed shooter will serve as a national spokesperson and advise in the development of the company’s products.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Kenda who will help us further develop our blank ammunition,” says Ken Amorosano, Buffalo Blanks owner. "She brings many years of valuable experience and we look forward to her guidance in the production of our mounted shooting blanks and equipment."

Kenda Lenseigne is one of mounted shooting’s most accomplished competitors. She is an Overall World Champion, two-time Overall National Champion, Overall Western US Champion, four-time World Point Champion Cowgirl, and holder of 8 World Records.

In 2009, Kenda became the first woman in CMSA history to win the Overall at a World Championship, beating all of the men and women to claim this prestigious title. Just six months later in April 2010, she again made history by becoming the first woman to win the Overall at the National Championship. In 2012, she repeated this victory by winning the Overall National Championship again.

Not only is Kenda one of the top competitors in the sport, but she is also a highly respected horse trainer and riding instructor. With her proven horse and student-training program, clients from all points of the United States enroll each year to build their skills and increase performance.

“Kenda uses thousands of Buffalo Blanks in her training program,” says Amorosano. “There is no better person than Kenda to guide us in the performance and consistency of our product.”

Buffalo Blanks is based in Cave Creek, Arizona and manufactures .45-caliber pistol and 5-in-1 rifle blank ammunition for the mounted shooting industry using the latest techniques in bullet production. The company also manufactures mounted shooting sport equipment including the Balloon Box target filler station, Stop & Go Light, target sticks and rods.

Visit www.buffaloblanks.com or call 307-746-5162.

Buffalo Blanks
Buffalo Blanks Mounted Shooting Blank Ammunition
We are proud to offer you to our high quality .45 caliber Cowboy Mounted Shooting Blank Ammunition. We manufacture Competition Blanks, Training Blanks and Rifle Blanks. We know that you will like them because we know what you want--we are cowboy mounted shooters too and we have made more than a million of our proven blanks with the best materials on the market since 2006. Buffalo Blanks also prides itself in manufacturing and providing mounted shooting supplies including balloon sticks / balloon pegs, target rods, competition balloons, horse earplugs, sonic defender earplugs, stop and go lights, Otis Gun Cleaning Kits, and balloon tables.

Buffalo Blanks sell for as low as $.41 per round and can be purchased in quantities of 100, 500, and 1000. Buffalo Blanks mounted shooting ammo comes packaged in sturdy corrugated boxes that are designed for easy use and durable storage. Buffalo Blanks are boxed and shipped, the same business day your order is received, by UPS anywhere in the continental U.S.
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307-746-5162 blanks@buffaloblanks.com
  1. CMSA Certified #62 - MSA Certified #15 - Perfect Test Score!
  2. Shipped by UPS the same business day your order is received
  3. Buffalo Blanks uses only the finest components to make its product
  4. Specially made Starline .45 Caliber Brass for easy unloading after the blank is fired
  5. Our Blanks will not stick in your cylinder after they are fired!
  6. Goex Black Powder provides a consistent pattern, burn and reach
  7. CCI primers provide a reliable and proven ignition every time
  8. Made for Mounted Shooters by Mounted Shooters!